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The Embassy provides consular services in the following areas:
Registration, Passport (Renewal, Cancellation), Issuance of travel document (Emergency Travel Certificate), Issuance of marriage-related documents (Single Certificate, Age Declaration and Notification of Marriage), Authentication/Certification of documents

  Application Day Application Time Collection Time
Consular Services Mondays
09:00 -12:00 - Registration,
  Passport: before 12:00
- Documentations:13:30-

Consular email:

* It is highly recommended that all Nigerian citizens, including children, residing in Japan should register with    the Embassy. Registration is free of charge.


Child Registration

  • Letter of Application for Child Registration (download Form) pdf
  • Birth Certificate issued by the city office of your residence
  • Passport

New Passports

* The Embassy has suspended the issuance of new passports until further notice.

Renewal of Passport

  • Letter of Application for Renewal of Passport (download Form) pdf
  • Passport to be renewed (Renewal is only possible with old MRP passport,       for maximum of 10 years.  No renewal for E-passport which is only valid for       5 years and can be reissued in Beijing, China, Malaysia or Nigeria.) 

  • Renewal fee of ¥7,000

Cancellation of Passport

  • Letter of Application for Cancellation of Passport (download Form) pdf
  • Passports to be cancelled and newly issued one


* Emergency Travel Certificate (One month validity) is a document issued by the Embassy to allow Nigerians    with consular problems or without valid passports travel back to Nigeria.

  • Letter of Application for Emergency Travel Certificate (download Form) pdf
  • Duly completed Application Form (download Form) pdf
  • Two (2) Passport Photographs
  • Confirmed Flight Reservation (Departure date must fall within the one       month validity of ETC from the date of application)
  • Passport (if available)
  • ETC fee of ¥6,000 (for 3 years old and above.  Free of charge for children of       less than 3 years old.)

Those with pending immigration issues should have their departure dates approved by the Japanese immigration authorities before applying for ETC. Please submit the clearance document from Japanese immigration authorities when you apply for ETC.

Single Certificate & Age Declaration

* Nigerians marrying Japanese or any other nationals in Japan are always requested by the city office to provide document(s) to indicate legal capacity to contract marriage. For this purpose, the Embassy issues (i) Single Affidavit, (ii) Single Certificate to certify marital status, and (iii) Sworn Declaration of Age to prove your eligibility to contract marriage.

  • Letter of Application for Single Certificate & Age Declaration
         (download Form) pdf
  • Duly completed Biographic Data Form (download Form) pdf
  • Passport
  • Single Certificate & Age Declaration fee of ¥6,000
  • Letter of Consent by Fiancé(e) (download Form) pdf
  • One (1) Passport Photograph of the Fiancé(e)
  • Photocopy of the Identification of the Fiancé(e)

Those who divorced in Japan should submit evidence of divorce or divorce certificate from the city office or court.

Notification of Marriage Document

* This is issued to Nigerians, married to Japanese or foreign nationals holding permanent residence,
    who may wish to change their visa status.

  • Letter of Application for Notification of Marriage (download Form) pdf
  • Marriage Certificate issued by the city office
  • Passport
  • Notification of Marriage fee of ¥2,500

Certificate of Change(s) of Name/Date of Birth

  • Letter of Application for the Certificate of Change of Name/Date of Birth
         (download Form) pdf
  • Nigerian High Court Document(s) authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign          Affairs, Abuja
  • Newspaper Publication
  • Passport
  • Certificate fee of ¥3,000

Those who have already effected their new names or dates of birth in a new passport may not necessarily submit the above-mentioned documents but are required to submit both old & new passports.

Certificate of Nationality

* This is issued to Nigerians who are applying for Japanese Citizenship.

  • Letter of Application for Certificate of Nationality (download Form) pdf
  • Passport
  • Documents related to your application for Japanese Citizenship
  • Certificate fee of ¥3,000

Authentication of Documents

  • Letter of Application for Authentication of Documents (download Form) pdf
  • Document to be authenticated
  • Authentication Fee of ¥3,000


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