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The embassy offers consular services following.
Issuance of (single certificate, age oath, marriage certificate), and various certificate issuance of (emergency travel certificate) related documents issued marriage of (extension procedures and invalid procedure), travel books, documents, registration and passport-related authentication.

  Sunday Application time Receipt time
Consular Services Monday
09:00 to 12:00 - Registration and passport relationship: from 12:00
- 13:30 and later issuance of various documents

E-mail: consular

* (Including children) of people Nigeria nationality residing in Japan, it is strongly recommended that it should be registered with the embassy.
  Registration is free.

Required documents

Registration of children

Required documents
  • Registration form (download here)pdf
  • (Of the city hall issue of residence) proof of birth registration
  • Passport

Issuance of new passport

* In the embassy, ​​while later on until further notice, and are no longer any issue of new passport.

Extend your passport

Required documents
  • Passport extension application form (download here)pdf
  • Passport for extension form (download here)pdf
  • Old passport passport to the extension procedure can be (extended only (MRP passport), can be extended up to 10 years, counting from the date of issue. It is not possible extension procedure hunger for E passport. Expiration date five years in it will be re-issued after that. you can China (Beijing), Malaysia, Nigeria is re-issuing procedure.)
  • Passport extension application fee \ 7,000

Invalid procedure of passport

Required documents
  • Invalid passport application form (download here)pdf
  • Passport issued a new passport and that the invalid procedure

Travel document (emergency travel certificate)

* Emergency travel certificate (expiration date 1 month) is a document that embassy is issued for the people of Nigeria nationality that does not have a valid passport and people of Nigeria country is the problem of the incoming departure on his return to Nigeria.

Required documents
  • Emergency travel certificate application form (download here)pdf
  • Application form (download here)pdf
  • (Passport size of 4.5 cm 3.5 x) 2 photos
  • (It is one months from emergency travel certificate application date departure date) Reserved flight
  • (A submission if possible) passport
  • Emergency travel certificate application fee \ 6,000 (Free. Is. 3 years 3 years or more)

People with unresolved issues of input on departure, please apply after receiving the permission of the departure date from the immigration authorities in Japan. On the occasion of the application, please also submit documents certifying the permission of the immigration issue.

Single certificate and age oath

* When people of Nigeria nationals to marry a person of Japanese nationals and foreign nationals in Japan, will be determined from the City Hall to submit documents showing that you are provided with a marriage requirements. In the embassy, ​​to prove marital status (i) and Single oath also (ii) Single certificate, and issued indicating that it is a possible marriage age (iii) age oath.

Required documents
  • Single certificate, age oath application form (download here)pdf
  • Personal data form (download here) pdf
  • Passport
  • Single certificate, age oath application fee \ 6,000
  • Marital consent from fiance (download here) pdf
  • (Passport size of 4.5 cm 3.5 x) 1 photos of fiance
  • Copy of the identity card of fiance

A person with a divorce in Japan, please submit your proof of divorce other written proof of divorce court issued or city hall.

Marriage certificate

* After marrying people of foreign nationality Japanese nationality, permanent residence owned, it is issued to people of Nigeria nationality who wish to change of residence qualification (at the Immigration authorities of Japan).

Required documents
  • Marital notification application form (download here)pdf
  • Marriage registration certificate of acceptance issued by City Hall
  • Passport
  • Marital notification application fee \ 2,500

Name, date of birth, etc. change certificate

Required documents
  • Name, date of birth, such as tamper evidence application form (download here)pdf
  • Nigeria High Court issued documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nigeria authentication mark
  • Newspaper ad
  • Passport
  • Name date of birth changed such certificate application fee \ 3,000

Not necessarily need to submit the relevant documents of the above, who are receiving a new passport issued in the name, date of birth after the change already, please submit both the old and new passport.

Document evidencing nationality

* In Japan, I will be issued to people of Nigeria to the nationality naturalization permit application.

Required documents
  • Written application form certifying the nationality (download here)pdf
  • Passport
  • Copies of documents relating to naturalization permit application
  • Written application fee \ 3,000 to certifying the nationality


Required documents
  • Authentication application form (download here)pdf
  • Documents to be authenticated
  • Authentication application fee \ 3,000


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