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Nigeria began diplomatic relations at ambassador level with Japan since 1964. Relations between the two countries has been progressing well since then, but experienced a decline of economic temporal relationship in the 1990s.

The reform of the economic and financial and investment sector and democratic governance, in recent years, the number of Japanese companies engaged in business in Nigeria has been increasing rapidly. This is trade balance, up to 2001 the slope to the Japanese side, it is clear even look that is inclined to the Nigerian side by an increase in the purchase of oil from Nigeria of Japan especially between 2002-2006.

And, the relationship between Japan and Nigeria has reached a crescendo in that Morimoto prime minister's visit to Nigeria on January 12, 2001. This was something historic prime minister of Japan had come to sub-Saharan Africa for the first time after World War II. There are circumstances Obasanjo former President that was visiting Japan shortly after taking office in 1999 and earlier. Then, in May 2009, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials of Japan and Nigeria both countries gathered for Japan Nigerian Special Partnership Forum, and conducted discussions toward mutually beneficial relationship-building. This special partnership forum was done three times in the past. In addition, in June 2009, the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Japan at the invitation of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, we discuss the problem of reciprocity on. By the approach of the business and economic in recent years, both countries have been dispatched to the country of each other a delegation of business and investment relations.

The past few years, through the scholarship provision to study in Japan in the construction and certain field of educational exchange program classroom facility the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) sponsored by Japan, have strengthened co-operation in education and technology in particular directly below. JICA with offices in Abuja, has helped Nigeria also through projects in areas such as agricultural production and milling of rice in Edo State, Imo State and rural electrification plan. In addition, strengthening of business and education district said the expansion plan of classroom facilities as part of the rural electrification program and solar energy development and basic education universal plan, grant aid is, malaria, polio fistula · HIV / AIDS · Guinea It is used for the purpose implementations said enhancement of medical services aimed at the treatment and eradication of infectious diseases, such as insects.

Tokyo International Conference on African Development: 1993, (TICAD Tokyo International Conference on African Development) is an international forum that Japan has launched in order to re-mobilization recall again to support problem of Africa the interest of the world. At its center, it is in order as a reference for the development of Africa the experience of Asia, and will continue to apply, and provide a platform linking Africa and Asia. TICAD IV to III that was held in Tokyo from TICAD I, was held between 27 to 31 May 2008 last year was held in Yokohama. In order to go boost the momentum of infrastructure development in Africa, Japan has committed to long-term low-interest loans of $ 4.0 billion at that time. In addition, official development assistance to Africa over the next five years: I have promised to also double the (ODA Official Development Assistance).

Currently, Marubeni of Japanese companies are involved in the development of the energy sector in Nigeria. The rebuilt the Egubin thermal power plant located in Lagos, the company has been involved deeply in the power-related projects in Nigeria in the other. Japanese companies also said Mitsubishi and Chubu Electric Power, I have involved in power projects in Nigeria.

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